John "LotusRescue" Walsh

Nominated by: Wendy Walsh

Reason: I would like to nominate my hubby for the award due to his never ending work on all things Lotus. Over the last 10 or so years, under the banner of LotusRescue he has saved over 20 car's, all Lotus. Some of which he has kept, many others he has found new homes for, for further restoration. He has sent several car's to Australia, France and Germany along with god know's how many all over the UK. He has also managed to scavenge parts to help other owners. John's FB pages and request from other owner looking for advice and help keep's him busy most night till near midnight, 7 day's a week. In addition, he is the founder of Club Lotus North East Scotland and along with my self we have have managed to gather 154 members from all over the North East of Scotland. Currently John is carrying a full restoration on an Elan 130+2, an S1 Esprit, a Lotus Excel SE and his pride and joy, Lotus S3 Turbo Esprit which he promises he will finish next year. Mind you, he did say that last year, and the year before.

Wendy Walsh.