Bauke Tocus

Nomination details : Bauke is a long-term Lotus addict and has become a focal point for parts and cars in mainland Europe. In spite of occasional flirtations with Esprits and TVRs he keeps coming back to Elites & Eclats in particular, saving some with good restorations and turning others into parts to keep other cars on the road. He was also one of the main movers behind the first Elite/Eclat/Excel international meeting in the Netherlands in 2011 and continues to be a mainstay of the Lotus "scene" in the Netherlands.

Nominee's story

I am Bauke Tocus from the Netherlands, now 36 years old,

When i was young (9 years old) my dad bought a Esprit turbo SE

Then the love for the brand started, when i was 22 i bought my first Elite type 75 from Ebay UK. Later i sold it in the Netherlands, and i could buy a LHD Elite so i did,

But i needed a master brake cylinder , so i bought a ‘wreck” and i took it apart, and sold the other parts to other owners who needed parts in europe, and i really like to do that, so i hire a workshop, and collected many Excels, Elites and Eclats, and there the love goes! I was addicted to the Type 75,

Helping now a lot of new owners on their new (good) cars, because I go with them to see the car in real, I also do service for owners here in the Netherlands, and still selling parts,

Right now i also own a Excel, and 2 Elite’ and i will go further with those great cars, because i like them a lot, and now later on the car gets the attetion it needed back in those days,

It's, in my eyes, a little bit the forgotten lotus,