Air conditioning

Lotus Excel air conditioning

Not so much a technical article as a list of hints, tips and things done.

In 2007 this car was converted from R12 to R413a [aka Isceon 49] (just in time for winter). (Note: since this was written, R413a may have become unavailable. We understand that R437a is also compatible - and less flammable! This car is now testing R134a compatibility with a mostly standard a/c system.)

The modern refill ports are now installed in the pipes that run along the bulkhead, so much easier to get to than the ones on the compressor.

Air temperature from the vents drops from ambient to about 4 celsius in a matter of seconds.

AirCon needs to be used regularly to keep the oil circulating and the seals supple. It's particularly useful in winter, for clearing condensation from the inner window surfaces.