2022 Winners
Alan Moss and LotusBits

2022 Winners

This year, as a result of some very worthy candidates being nominated, the voting panel and judges decided to award TWO first place awards. Each received a memorial trophy and certificate. :

Chief Judge, long-time Lotus fan and former Elite owner, James Elliott (of Octane magazine) said

"As a big fan of Ollie Winterbottom and every sharp-edge he stood for, I was immensely honoured when Angus asked me to help out with the judging for this fabulous award.

Only when I got into it did I realise that picking between such worthy contenders was a completely thankless task and Angus probably only asked me (and the others) because he knew how difficult it was. I can say and on heart that everyone on the shortlist would have been a very worthy winner, so congratulations to them all, but especially to those that took the prize."